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After 40 years of quality and unbeatable service, Braxton Construction has made a significant mark in the carpentry industry. With 250+ employees and no shortage of necessary and heavy-duty equipment, we’ve set the standard for high quality and reliable carpentry services in the Twin Cities Metro area. Specializing in large multi-family and other commercial projects, we have the manpower and equipment to meet your deadlines. Contact us today and put our skills and experience to work for you. 

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Are you interested in a stable career that promotes professionalism? Where you can work with your hands, be creative, and take pride in what you help to produce? Then, consider a career in carpentry. There is always a high demand for carpentry work throughout the construction industry, and carpenters are one of the largest groups of trade workers. At Braxton Construction, we take care of and invest in our carpenters and set them on a path to a solid and growing career in carpentry. We offer hands-on, on-site training, and more. Apply with us today to get started.

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