Our Services

Leaders in the Industry

Braxton Construction has been providing the Twin Cities Metro Area with dependable quality carpentry services for 40+ years. We specialize in rough carpentry and interior finish carpentry installation along with exterior window and door installation for large multi-family projects. With our large staff and surplus of necessary equipment, we can offer flexible scheduling that permits projects to be completed on time and on budget. We are known for being thorough, schedule oriented, flexible, safe, and personal. Call us for your next multi-family carpentry project.

Rough Carpentry

Our rough carpentry construction services are the most complete carpentry services in the area. With no shortage of cranes, forklifts, manlifts and other necessary equipment, we provide quality and reliable rough carpentry work that will help your multi-family project stay on schedule. From layout to panel installation to roof plywood, we can build a structure for you. 

Finish Carpentry

Braxton Construction provides thorough and impressive interior finish trim carpentry for large residential and commercial projects. Our crews are well trained and prepared to provide top-quality and organized work. With our emphasis on workable management, we work with our clients to address concerns and issues that will ensure that the job is done right and as quickly as possible.   

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